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#01 Brevetto US8387925 - Giunto air coupled HDTS A track circuit for railway systems or the like includes a track segment of predetermined length electrically insulated from an adjacent track segment by an electric joint US20110147535.pdf
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#02 EP2390158B1 - System for communication with trains on railway lines The invention relates to a system for communi- cating with trains on railway lines, which system compris- es the combination of features EP2390158B1.pdf
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#03 US20110147535A1 - Track Circuit Power Supply Vital Monitor A power supply vital monitor for track circuits for railway systems includes a track segment that is separated from adjacent segments by electric joints. US20110147535A1.pdf
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#04 US20160152251A1 - Track circuit mechanical joint integrity checker An electrically insulating mechanical joint checker for mechanical joints connecting rails of following track segments of a railway line, each track segment forming part of a track circuit. US20110147535A1.pdf
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#05 EP3243725A1 - EcoPower METHOD FOR MANAGING A RAILWAY TRACK CIRCUIT EcoPower is a technique applicable to Track circuits equipped with both insulated mechanical joints and jointless (electrical joints) and can be used to reduce the power consumptions needed for operate the Train Detection function and Broken Rail detection function. EP16305556NWA1.pdf
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