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#01 Polar Sat Receiver Double V antenna + Receiver on 144MHz by NuovaElettronica + WxtoImg SW. Capture images from Polar Satellites July 2007 Polar Sat Video
#02 Function Generator Dual function Generator based on Ic 8037. Generates two 20Vpp Sinusoidal,squares,triangle waves that can be mixed togheter December 2011 Generator Video #1
Generator Video #2
Generator Video #3
Generator Video #4
#03 Arduino Ethernet,SD,LCD shield Web Server June2012 Arduino Ethernet Video
Arduino Lcd Video
Arduino Web Server Video
#04 Anemometro Measure the wind speed from my garage July2012 Arduino UNO: Lettura da Anemometro
Arduino UNO: Lettura da Anemometro velocita' in km/h
Arduino UNO: Lettura da Anemometro, gestione interrupt
#05 ContaPersone Count persons passing the door, write accesses to SD and give available on the Web counting and statistics per day, moth, year December 2012
#06 RaspberryPi experience Develop applications for multimedia Raspbmc with IR TSOP remote command. Specific applications like: Turn on-of LED with Python. Web server. Apache . Mysql. Php. December 2012
#07 CW Valve Transnmitter 80m QRP Transmitter with single valve 6V6GT On going September 2013 Proto Video 1MHz
Proto Video 3MHz
#08 Audio Valve Amplifier Scheme RADFORD.STA35 On going since September 2013 Amplifier Scheme
#09 My Arduino MP3 player Based on ArduinoUno+Sparkfun MP3 shield July 2013
#10 My Arduino GPS Receiver Based on ArduinoUno+GPS EM-406 module + Hitachi LCD + custom shield September 2013
#10 My Arduino Video Overlap Based on ArduinoUno+Overlap Shield September 2013
#12 My 350VA Tesla Coil Scheme 11Kv primary 250KHz resonant frequency On going since January 2014 Transformer video: electric arc 11kV Scheme
Spark Gap Test 2 elements
Spark Gap Test 5 elements
TeslaCoil youtube playlist
#13 My Solar Meteo Station Based on Arduino On going since June 2014 Solar Panel Test
4 Shields
Data Acquisition and serial communication
#14 My PlasmaGlobe TV flyback transformer, 2n3055, lamp bulb, capacitors On going since 22 June 2014 PlasmaGlobe ingredients
#15 Dimmer with Arduino Based on ArduinoUno+ custom shield with TRIAC April 2016 Video Arduino Dimmer
#16 PS-305D Repairing Scheme of famous PS-305D power supply 30V 5 A May 2016 Repairing Video
PS305D Schematic Main.pdf
PS305D Schematic Display.pdf
PS305D Schematic Controls.pdf
PS305D-Components Overview Resized.png

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