About me

Hi everyone, my name is Pier Aisa, I am an electronic engineer and have always been an enthusiast of electronics in all its forms. Since I was a child I have loved these disciplines and I have always studied these subjects with passion thanks to the dedication of my father Pietro and therefore I decided to devote myself to scientific dissemination, with a free heart, without limits and with an open mind, to be able to help who needed it. I particularly care about young children who have to decide what kind of profession to undertake and I like to think that maybe they can help their professional choice, making them understand the enormous potential they hold, without knowing it. Even the less young people who decide to devote themselves to electronics after years, are highly appreciated in my channel to participate in the technical discussion, which I try to animate also through my forum. For these reasons I decided to open a Youtube channel and I started creating content on Youtube from July 2012 with around 450 videos uploaded to date.

I started to publish technical articles, posts and videos, In particular my videos deal with electronics in general, such as tutorials, repairs, product and instrumentation reviews and high voltage and high current experiments. Videos in general are almost always composed of a theoretical part and a practical part which demonstrates theory. I also have a section dedicated to the railway sector which I am passionate about and share the various aspects together with railway friends.

In particular, I carry out the video repairs on commission, by users interested in recovering the faulty object and in seeing an analysis of the scheme, with reverse engineering and connection to the theory, by postal shipment.

Thank you for supporting an independent content creator and disclosure of material that someone believes to be the heritage of a select few!


Have fun!

Pier Aisa